A massive draconic warrior. What more do you need?


Number Crunch-

Abilities: Skills:
Str: 16 Acrobatics: 0
Con: 12 Arcana: 2
Dex: 12 Athletics: 7
Int: 14 Bluff: 3
Wis: 11 Diplomacy: 3
Cha: 16 Dungeoneering: 0
Speed: 5 Endurance: 5
Initiative: 3 Heal: 5
Defenses: History: 4
AC: 17 Insight: 0
Fort: 14 Intimidate: 10
Ref: 12 Nature: 0
Will: 14 Perception: 0
Senses: Religion: 2
Passive Insight: 10 Stealth: 0
Passive Perception: 10 Streetwise: 3
No Special Senses Thievery: 0

Feats and Features-

Racial Features:

  • Draconic Heritage – Healing Surge is 1/4 HP + 2
  • Dragon Breath
  • Dragonborn Fury – +1 racial bonus to attack when bloodied.

Class Features:

  • Combat Leader – Each ally within 10 squares who can see and hear Kedirr gain +2 initiative.
  • Inspiring Presence – Allies regain HP when using action points for extra actions.
  • Inspiring Word

Enlarged Dragon Breath – Dragon Breath is burst 5 instead of 3.

Common, Draconic, Mercenary Handtalk


Wolf Pack Tactics – Kedirr uses hand signals and body language to direct his companions to a more advantageous position just before attacking, shifting any ally adjacent to him or the target shift 1 as a free action.

Furious Smash – Kedirr lets out a mighty roar, slamming his shield into the enemy. His attack does minimal damage, but his raw ferocity is inspiring. Any ally adjacent to him or the target gains bonuses to attack and damage against the target, provided they attack by the end of their next turn.

Second Wind – Kedirr stops shouting orders for a couple seconds, catching his breath.

Dragon Breath – Kedirr lets out a mighty roar, spraying acid from his gaping maw and covering everything in a huge area.

Inspiring Word – Kedirr shouts out, telling an ally to get off their fleshy behind and do their part. It’s brusque, but somehow they always feel better, spending a healing surge and adding +1d6.

Hammer and Anvil – Kedirr’s warhammer strikes the enemy with a resounding crash, inspiring an ally adjacent to the target to make a basic melee attack against it as a free action, with bonuses from his Charisma.

Lead the Attack – Kedirr launches into furious combat with a single foe, dealing massive damage and giving all allies within 5 squares bonuses to attack against that target until the encounter ends.


Kedirr is an imposing dragonborn warrior, standing 6’5" tall and weighing in at 320lbs. His eyes are golden orbs, and his scales range from blood-red to a deep crimson. His equipment; scale armour, shield, and a long warhammer; show signs of long wear.

Kedirr isn’t prone to conversation, but when he speaks his Common is accented with the desert tongues of the north, occasionally lapsing into draconic in times of great stress or when cursing. His scales and skin are pitted and scarred from old battles, and his crest has been cropped short around his head.

As a mercenary, Kedirr’s main focus is on the job at hand, and he is impatient with anything that distracts from the objective or endangers it in any way.


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