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Kedirr's Log- Commission #26

Kedirr’s Log – Commission 26

Finally got another commission today, even if it is just a message run.
Caulder says he hasn’t got anything else, and no-one else does. Hell, even if it’s for piss money, at least I’ll be able to eat for another week. Once I deliver the package to Anderscrest. Should be able to make it in two days.

Doubt I’ll be able to get another meal in this chamberpot town anyway, so I may as well leave right now. At least the roads should be clear, I’m going to be in a bad mood if I have to fight my way through.

Day and a half down the track I come upon something unexpected. Dead humans on the road never bodes well. At the very least it leads to awkward questions. Stupid officials never seem to believe I had nothing to do with it. Even when it’s obvious that the corpses were sliced up, and I carry a hammer.

My usual instinct is to hurry on, with the officials and all, but this time there was something happening further on. Bunch of goons fighting over a tied up girl. Tied up girl? Usually a kidnapping of somesort. And a kidnapping? That means reward, and food on the table. Any table, really.

So, I take a quick look around the field. Three gnomes, facing off against a halfling, two humans and an elf. Strange group, one of the humans was pink, and the elf had strange eyes. Four to three, seems like someone has an advantage. Gnomes though, crafty little buggers, quick on their feet and altogether too good with knives. Not to mention the fact that these ones were popping in an out of visibility like bloody Will ’O the Wisps. Seems like the others were bleeding more than the gnomes were.

I figured I had two options, keep going to Anderscrest and get a handful of silver for delivering this package to “The Undersecretary of Lord Eric Anderson and a whole other lot of hot air”, or I can step in an probably get a much jucier slice of the reward. Not really a choice, is it?

So I charge right in and put the fear of Shar-Iss into the bloody little things. My thinking here? Help the weak ones. That way, once the stronger squad is beaten, it’s that much easier to make sure I get my rightful part of the takings. Seems I made the right choice. Some overgrown red lizard appeared out of nowhere and carried off the halfling, with the strange elf hard on its tail. My job just got that much easier.

Seemed like a day for appearances though. No sooner had I smacked one of the gnomes around a little before another weird elf was spat out on the ground in the middle of everything. This one seemed to be a magical sort, saying something about the girl and blasting one of the gnomes, so that’s decent enough. The others helped a little, but really they didn’t seem to know which end of their weapons was which.

I guess that elf’s warning was accurate enough, not that anyone listened to it. I was still trying to take care of the gnomes when the humans went after the girl. Should’ve expected it really. They got theirs though, the girl exploded right in their faces. I threatened the gnome, but it wouldn’t tell me where the real one was. Reasonably certain I wouldn’t really have eaten its heart. Too gamey for my taste. That said, going two days without food may have made the statement more truthful than I thought. Scared it into visibility nonetheless. So we dispatched the gnomes, that weird elf finishing them before they could be properly interrogated. There’s really a time and a place for mercy, if it pays, but I really didn’t have the patience.

Anyhow, no sooner had the final gnome hit the dirt when the objective comes into sight, being held captive by some gnome in poncy clothes. Now, obviously this is a situation that merits restraint. I let the others do the talking for the most part. Well, until one of them started shouting about fire, that really riled the gnome. Then, of all things, the pink human shoots at him, even though the girl was right in front of him. Good thing it was a good shot, or no-one would be getting any reward. Still, the gnome buggered off soon enough anyway so I guess it worked.

Now all I have to do is stick with the girl until I get my share of the reward, and make sure that bloody pink human doesn’t kill her along the way. Something bugs me about that one. It doesn’t move enough, just sits still like a statue. Eh, it’ll only be a couple days, and who knows, perhaps her father will commission a bodyguard. Shar knows I could use a steady job.


It’s got a film noir feel— I like it.

Kedirr's Log- Commission #26

Haha, excellent work and kudos on finding the time to write it up in this busy period! I look forward to reading all about Kedirr’s views on the adventures that await him.

Kedirr's Log- Commission #26

I’ll have to do something like this when I get the time…

Kedirr's Log- Commission #26

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