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Gnomes, Wolves and FIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!

DM's Log

Hey guys! This is basically the first DM log that covers most of the basics of your adventure so far. You’ll have to forgive my grammar, I’m hardly a master wordsmith, but hopefully this will at least assist you in writing your own adventure logs through the eyes of your characters (See the excellent first player log by Keddir below) or just remind you about what has occurred so far.

The adventure began in Anderscrest Village where most of our adventurers were currently situated for their various reasons. To start off the game players rolled a History check to see what they knew about the village. As a result of this, Dante ended up suffering from a severe case of amnesia(Troy rolled a 1, I usually won’t be this cruel when you guys make a lousy roll but it was the player’s suggestion and it amused me so we went along with it) while Daryos, who was travelling with Dante, managed to recall a tale of the great Gareth Anderson, hero and founder of the village who wielded an amazing blade that covered his foes in frost with each blow. It was also established that Daryos and Dante were travelling together and at some point Daryos had stolen a ring from his halfling companion.

While wandering around in the middle of town Torak, Dante and Daryos watched on as 7 of the town’s guard stumbled into the village, heavily bloodied with several of them near death. Torak, being the Cleric of the village, quickly rushed to their aid and patched them up as best he could. He then escorted them into the manor of Baron Eric Anderson, current ruler of the village. There it was revealed to Torak that Eric had sent 20 of the towns guard (which was only composed of 30 or so men and women) out to the east where a group of bandits were holding his daughter, Sylvia, hostage in the woods to the east. Eyes filled with despair, Eric pleaded with Torak to gather a group of adventurers to save her, as he simply could not meet the bandits demands for the ransom. Torak quickly gained the allegiance of Daryos and Dante who had been standing outside the manor trying to investigate what was going on and the trio set forth in search of more help. They questioned some of the nearby villagers soon discovered that a Deva had been seen around town and was apparently staying in one of the villages two inns. Attempting to gain the Deva’s aid (who turned out to be named Ansis) started off quite poorly for the group when he caught Daryos trying to pick his pockets. A bar fight was narrowly avoided as Turok explained their situation and promised Ansis that there would be gold in it for him if he helped them and at this Ansis joined the group. Being late the adventurers decided that they would spend the night in Eric’s manor, where they would question the guards and rest up before setting forth on their quest. Much to his displeasure, this also meant that Ansis was bombarded with questions about his past from the knowledge seeking Eric, all of which he refused to answer. From questioning the guards the adventurers determined that the bandits forces were composed of no less than 10 men, but they were undeterred and set forth to rescue the Baron’s daughter.

Daryos snuck ahead of the others and noticed something quite bizarre upon his arrival at the scene. The bodies of bandits littered the ground, small crossbow bolts sticking from their backs and Sylvia sat tied to a tree stump seemingly quite distressed, with tears streaming down her face. The only two surviving bandits ran towards the small bridge on which the rest of the party now stood, clearly wishing only to flee, but were promptly knocked out by the party for later questioning. Meanwhile, Daryos was scanning the area for an indication as to what had happened to the guards and managed to spot gnomes hiding in several of the nearby bushes. Warning his companions of this, they were soon attacked and the party’s first encounter begun. The battle began fairly poorly for the adventurers, who managed to land few blows but take many. The situation took a turn for the dire when a small red drake jumped out of seemingly nowhere took hold of Dante and flew off, Daryos running after it, shurikens in hand. Fortunately this whole affair was observed by Kedirr who had been travelling along the road not far away and quickly joined in on the battle. Shortly thereafter a strange burst of bright light and magic erupted from the middle of the field to reveal a rather surprised looking Eladrin woman. Regaining her composure with shocking efficiency she quickly surveyed the situation and she too joined the fight striking the nearest gnome with an impressively damaging magic missile. The battle continued, though with difficulty at points as the gnomes seemed to be incredibly adept at hiding disappearing from view after every blow that was dealt to them. Trying to determine where the gnomes were hiding Garethona (the Eladrin woman) tried to detect any nearby magic and instead discovered a strange aura coming from the tied up girl; she did not alert the others of this. Towards the end of the fight Ansis and Torak decided it was important to release Sylvia from her bonds; little did they know (because SOMEONE didn’t warn them) this was not in fact Sylvia Anderson but a complex arcane trap. As they loosened the bonds the “little girl” exploded in a burst of blue flames, knocking Ansis and Torak to the ground. After the last of the gnomes the party had seen were slain two small figures appeared, the real Sylvia held with a knife to her throat by yet another gnome, this one dressed in colourful robes. Some negotiation with the Gnome ensued. Garethona determined through a history roll that determined these gnomes were once part of a small secluded tribe of gnomes who had recently lost their homes due to a fire in the woods. She then whispered this information to those nearby so that it could be carefully and delicately used to their advantage. Torak clearly not quite understanding this tried to start talking to the gnome, struggled to find the words he was looking for then simply yelled out “FIIIIIIRE!!!”. This result in an attack from the gnome, but fortunately a powerful well aimed blast of magic from Ansis caused him to immediately flee from the sight, letting the girl go.

After the battle most of the party then quickly ran to aid Daryos in saving Dante (except for Ansis who decided to stay back and interrogate the bandits). They successfully slew the drake (accompanied by the energetic Sylvia who threw rocks at it) and then after taking a short break, set off back towards Anderscrest Village.

Shortly before arriving back at the village they were attacked by a small pack of wild wolves. Through a series of meat offerings and high nature roles Garethona managed to tame one of them wolves (Still unnamed as far as I’m aware) while the rest of the party (“aided” by Sylvia) slew another and Kedirr scared the other one off with a blast of his acidic dragon’s breath.


Sounds like a lot of fun!


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