Team Awesome RPG@QUT

Commission 27

Anderson introduces this human Drake to us, and says he’s got more money for us if we provide an escort to some tomb. Apparently he wants this Drake guy to pick up a sword of his to help with the goblin raids in the area. Anderson says that if Drake is lost, Anderscrest goes with him, hence the escort mission. Anderson seems to have a high opinion of the pink human, giving him a magical compass. During lunch I pressed this Drake for free supplies for the journey. Got to milk employers for all they’re worth, after all. He didn’t want to give up much, until the pink human, Ansis I think, leaned on him with his influence over Anderson. Got 3 days rations and a torch for each of us. The weird elf man seemed to be having difficulties, bit his tongue and then had to sit down and rest like a lus’lal.

The elf man, Daryos, proved he had at least a little worth later on, though, when he used his pathfinding ability in the forest to give us a quicker route than straight bashing through the undergrowth, as Ansis was making us do. Soon enough we reached a cliff face, probably about fifty foot. I climbed up first, along with Daryos, the halfling below squealing about something or other. Didn’t take long before we were at the top, and seems that the elf can tie a knot! Wasn’t long before we were all at the top, although Drake seemed to have some difficulty. Likely because he wasn’t bloody smart enough to take his plate off before trying to climb a cliff. I knew a trick or two about overland, so I led the way after that, until we finally got to the crypt.

The iron gate into the crypt was glowing, and Ansis told us that it was an Arcane Lock, some ritual that binds a door only to open to a certain key. He also said that it wasn’t particularly well made. Daryos picked the lock quickly enough, and we all tramped down a spiral staircase. He also managed to spot the 50 foot pit trap in the floor, saving someone a bloody nasty surprise. After a bit of fiddling we fix a rope to the ceiling and swing across, although the halfling and Ansis barely made it. A rat scurried from the pit and told Drake that the trials of the crypt are a test and a message to future generations of Andersons. I don’t give a flying hek about that, but at least we learned that there are some sort of magical turrets later on. Ansis and Daryos find a magical panel and get to work, eventually disarming whatever traps the rest of the crypt had in store for us. There were some broken crossbows in the next room, and the halfling managed to scavenge some interesting bolts from them. Put them with the gold, might find a use for them later on. Seemed like a dead end, but Daryos and Ansis pulled their weight again, finding and opening the secret door in record time. Could’ve used entrymen like that back in Endaeron.

Opening the door dimmed the lights somehow, and there was a softlander standing on the sarcophagus holding some sword. Obviously someone’d beaten us to the punch, and he was a nasty hek’tar as well. Not only did he raise some corpses for us to fight, but he threw some wall of sound that buggered Ansis and I right up, before streaking out like he was shot from a crossbow. Not only that, but that bloody hekface Drake pushed the others into the room and slammed the door behind us, trapping us all in there. Took a bit of doing, but we managed to put the corpses back down soon enough. Not much to do now except look for a way out of this bloody mess. Seems like the perfect opportunity to attack the town, while it’s still weak from raids and we’re holed up in this tomb. Especially now that Drake has the sword, and has shown himself to be working with corpse-raisers. Still, we have the compass to guide us to that bastard, once we get out.



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