Team Awesome RPG@QUT

Commission 26- Part 2

Everybody seemed to want to follow the halfling that had been dragged off by the flying red lizard. Bad business in my opinion, just means less gold for the rest of us. But they stubbornly pressed on, and I didn’t particularly feel like trying to wrest the girl from them. The pink human stayed behind to keep an eye on some bandits who’d also come across the gnomes. Not sure I trust him, but better him far away than right behind me. We catch up at the base of a small cliff to see this lizard thing dragging itself pathetically along the ground, one wing leaking blood. The weird elf girl teleports closer, moving to surround it, thought that was a good move. Well, the halfling seemed in a bad way, and if I have to bloody rescue the thing may as well do a proper job of it. Told him to stop his whining and get off his tiny rear. Perked him right up, that did.

The lizard finally got itself in order and beat it up the cliff. The elf man who’d been looking so smug when we arrived tried out his sling on it. Wasn’t smiling after that attempt, I can tell you. The human, some sort of religious type obviously, stood around mumbling some sort of prayer. Some use he was. Better than the blasted elf girl, though. Don’t know if she’s stupid, or just a weak-willed milksop, but she just stood around yapping about retraining it or some krart’hek like that. Putting my hammer through its ribcage put paid to that shortly enough. I wasn’t about to help her after that display, but the human came and prayed over her for a bit.

The girl seems spirited enough. The elves started chirping among themselves in their own language. Meanwhile the male one is climbed a tree. I wonder if they share some sort of illness. That would explain the strange eyes and how addled they both seem to be. Especially the male. Some stupid thing he said provoked the girl into throwing a rock at him. Somehow he had the bright idea of trying to catch it, and got a rock to the face for his troubles. Turns out the girl’s name is Sylvia, and she’s the daughter of the bigshot I’m delivering this letter to. Well, two birds with one stone, and all that.

Eventually everybody got themselves into some sort of order and we headed back to town. There’s always something, isn’t there? Passing by a rocky outcropping three strange animals attacked us, after making some bloody loud racket. They looked like what the softlanders call ‘rabbits’ with their gray fur and big teeth. After a bit of rummaging, the elf girl puts some of her own food down for one of the rabbits, cooing and clucking like a babe-addled mother. The other one, the male, just sat down. One of the rabbits sprang off the rock, teeth bared, before planting its face squarely in the ground. One of the other ones rushes out and gobbles up the elf girl’s rations, so the halfling puts more out.

Now, amidst all this fraternizing with animals no-one really seemed to be paying attention to the main source of income. I stayed back to keep a hold of the girl, and good thing too. The little vulog tried to match wits with me, but I kept hold of her easily enough. One of the rabbits bit the she-elf, and then things got interesting. The human shouted some prayer and promptly set his hair alight. What is it with these softlanders? I joined in the fray and soon the rabbits were all dead, barring the one that the elf girl was wooing. Sylvia picked up a stone and did her part. She’s got stones, that one has. More than the elf girl, that’s for sure.

We were cleaning up when the pink human caught us up with dust on his boots. Not a word about the bandits, guess he put ‘em down and didn’t want to offend their sensibilities. That she-elf in particular. Likely she would have protested the necessity of slitting the scum’s throats. Not that it mattered in the end, while she was hugging her precious rabbit she just upped and disappeared like a gnome, taking the blasted thin with her. Didn’t come back, either. Well, didn’t seem to be any point in waiting around, so we went ahead and delivered the girl back to her father, despite the dirty looks she gave us after. The priest went off spouting about healing wounded guards or the like. Anderson was suitably grateful for the return of his daughter, handing over a hefty sack of coins. Looks to be a few hundred in gold, and that’s about a hundred times more than what I’d get for any hek delivery, so I’m sitting pretty. Still, got my fifty silver for the letter. Only a bloody fool turns their nose up at money, no matter how much. The pink human had the bright idea of asking for more money, but obviously he didn’t wheedle well enough for it to work. The others elected to give me the gold for safekeeping. Doesn’t bother me. I’ll make sure they get their fair share, and if they turn on me or die, well, that’s just more gold for the rest of us, isn’t it?



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